Continuous Integration


以下參考 Teddy 的文章

Developer 應該了解的要點

  1. Commit code frequently
  2. Don’t commit broken code
  3. Fix broken builds immediately
  4. Write automated developers tests
  5. All tests and inspections must pass
  6. Run private builds
  7. Avoid getting broken code

CI Engineer 應該了解的要點

  1. Automate builds
  2. Perform single command builds
  3. Separate build scripts from your IDE
  4. Centralize software assets
  5. Create a consistent directory structure
  6. Fail builds fast
  7. Build for any environment
  8. Use a dedicated CI machine and a CI server
  9. Run fast builds
  10. State builds



  • Shields.io - 用圖表示目前專案的健康度